About Us

Our own story started not so long ago. When a pandemic hit our shores and we ended up stuck at home, we spent our days browsing the web for inspiration. We came across some of the most beautiful and fascinating heritage brands. Having long had a passion for historic local brands and products we decided we wanted to do something with this. And so, the idea for The Hyper Localist was born...

At The Hyper Localist we want to share the stories behind some of Europe's most legendary local heritage - iconic brands, products and places that are firmly rooted in their communities and whose stories intertwine with the local history and culture.

We want people to experience history and traditions from up close, rather than simply observing them from a distance. That's why a key part of our platform is an online store with a carefully curated selection of iconic local brands and products from across Europe.

As of 2022 (pandemic conditions allowing), we will also be organising small-scale experiences built around European heritage sites and brands that have come to define the places around them.

So, watch this space. The best is yet to come...


Historic image of a traditional candy factory in Italy

Our core values are:


Beauty is all around us, but often we fail to recognise or appreciate it. We have a special passion for beautiful historic branded products and packaging.


Every place and person has their own unique story to tell. We want to celebrate these stories in all their diversity.


We value quality over quantity. Nothing beats the art of true local craftsmanship.


We want to create real and valuable connections between people and places.

We care about the people around us and we want to help create better mutual understanding between them.