Caffarel’s legendary gianduja chocolate

It’s 1826 when Pier Paul Caffarel opens a chocolate lab in Turin, capital of Piedmont. He buys a novel machine that allows him to produce and sell large quantities of chocolate. However, the soaring price of cocoa during the Napoleonic Wars forces him to change his recipe. Using a higher proportion of local hazelnuts, he makes a chocolate spread called gianduja. It’s named after the theatre and Carnival character of Gianduja, who represents the archetypal Piedmontese. In 1865, Cafferel creates the first-ever gianduiotto, a solid gianduja chocolate wrapped in foil. Locals instantly fall in love with this divine little chocolate. Since then, the gianduiotto has become a quintessential part of Turin’s confectionery scene.

Lines of large gianduiotti wrapped hazelnut chocolate