Rossella: the romantic Genovese sweets with a history

It's the year 1897 in the Ligurian village of Ellera, on the northern Italian riviera. A man called Santo Rossella decides to take up his passion for confectionery and starts experimenting with different ingredients. Taking inspiration from historic recipe books, he starts making some mouthwatering confections. His most refined creation comes to be known as the fondant ‘800, referring to the century in which it was born. It's an indulgant treat made of sugar, water and fruit flavours.

Santo starts selling his sweets to people in Ellera, with production taking place on a small scale. When the popularity of his sweets grows Santo decides to try his luck and moves the business to the thriving port city of Genoa. Soon, his fruit jellies and fondants find a growing market there.

Vintage wrapped sweets and a paper sweets box on a baby blue gingham background

Fast-forward more than 120 years and not much has changed. Genoa is still the home base of Rosella today. From there, the small business continues to make its sweets by hand, catering to a largely regional clientele. A taste of a Rossella sweet is like being transported back in time…